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Kathy Hern

The Supply Officer is responsible for maintaining the organization’s supplies.

Establish a local checking account with a bank of the Officer’s choice. (The National Treasurer should be a co-signer on the account). Deposit funds transferred from the former Supply Chair (if a new officer), the working fund allotment and monies received from the purchase of supplies by members, chapters and regions.

Maintain a listing of vendors for the supplies offered by GSW.

Keep close account of supplies on hand…replenish when needed.

Maintain a complete listings of supplies:

a. Supplies available for GSW members for maintaining membership records (at no charge)

b. Those supplies available for purchase (list unit and price)

The Supply Officer will include ordering instructions on Supply Listing. She may wish to distribute the listing to the membership with an issue of the National Newsletter. She will need to include a space for the name of the item(s) and the price. A check from those ordering made payable to GSW should be included with orders, with instructions to mail to her, at her address, as National Supply Officer. Copies of a current Supply Listing will be mailed to members upon request.

Requests for supplies are to be answered promptly, at least with two (2) weeks. In the even an item is temporarily out of stock or discontinued, the person ordering should be notified immediately, indicating the expected date when shipment can be made if possible.

The Supply Officer should maintain a complete record of order request and handing of orders: date order receive, name/address of purchaser, item ordered and quantity, notation of complete or partial shipment of order and date shipped. This record will be utilized in preparation of annual report and financial statement.

The Supply Officer’s report will consist of a report of items sold, amounts and number on hand of each item, with a financial report on the supply sale items. The report on supplies will include a financial statement of monies advanced and expenses incurred. All reports will be in a timely manner for the National Convention Coordinator (or other appointed person), who will have copies printed for the Board of Directors and Delegates to the National Convention.

The working fund financial statement for the membership and for sale supply items plus the physical inventory sheet will be prepared for distribution to the National Treasurer (with all receipts attached), the Board Secretary, National Secretary and Convention Coordinator. One copy is to be kept with the Supply Officer’s records. A check for any remaining funds in the supply account should be returned to the National Treasurer by May 15, less any current outstanding bills or those expected. All remaining funds will be returned to the National Treasurer after the next year’s funding allocation has been made (September). Any funds on hand in the supply account are passed on to the succeeding Supply Officers when one is elected/appointed.

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Gold Star Wives of America, Inc

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.

Gold Star Wives is a Congressionally Chartered non-profit service organization that is capable of providing services to the active duty and service-connected military surviving spouses.

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