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  • 12 Apr 2023 4:36 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    More coverage of Gold Star Wives / Gold Star Spouses Day:

  • 6 Apr 2023 11:35 AM | Savannah Lawrence

    The Arkansas Democrat Gazette covered Gold Star Spouses Day with an article that also addressed pending legislation and focused on GSW South Central Region President Sharri Briley, who has an interesting tie-in to April 5th (Gold Star Spouses Day). 

    Read the full article here.

  • 5 Apr 2023 3:43 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    A Nation Honors our Vietnam Veterans and their Families
    The National Mall, Washington, D.C.
    May 11-13, 2023

    On May 11-13, 2023, The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration will host “Welcome Home! A Nation Honors our Vietnam Veterans and their Families,” on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    Join us for this national-scale event designed to offer our Vietnam veterans and their families a humble “Thank You” and “Welcome Home” on behalf of the Nation. For more information visit or view the media kit and press release below.

    Welcome Home Media Kit_Mar_2023_v3.pdf

    Welcome Home Press Release Final.pdf

  • 20 Feb 2023 4:51 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. is thrilled to announce the introduction of S. 414, Caring for Survivors Act of 2023, introduced by Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-Ark.)  This bipartisan legislation is a major step forward in providing Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) at a level equal to other federal survivor benefits.

    DIC is an earned benefit that surviving spouses receive after the death of an active-duty service member, or a veteran who dies from an illness or injury connected to their service.  In addition, surviving spouses of veterans who are rated 100% disabled by VA for ten years or more are eligible for DIC. This bill would reduce the timeframe from the current 10 years down to 5 years, thereby expanding eligibility to a larger group of survivors.

    Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. thanks Senators Tester and Boozman for introducing this bill as it is a testament to the commitment of our legislators to ensure that survivors receive equal benefits for the sacrifice they have made for our country. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this bill would have on the lives of survivors across America.

    Read press release.

    Read bill.

  • 1 Feb 2023 2:43 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    Coverage of the monument was published at Press Enterprise,

    "Families of fallen U.S. service members are honored with the cemetery's latest memorial". 

    The project was led by Dee Dee Rodler, President of the Inland Empire Chapter of Gold Star Wives.

  • 10 Jan 2023 1:03 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    Monthly Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Rates

    DIC rates if veteran died on or after January 1, 1993: monthly rate of $1,562.74 for 2023.

    DIC rates if veteran’s death was before January 1, 1993: see VA DIC payment tables.

    Additional DIC Allowances

    Add $331.84 if, at the time of death, the veteran was rated 100% disabled or unemployable as a result of disability. The veteran must have been rated that way for at least 8 continuous years immediately preceding death AND the surviving spouse had to be married to the veteran for those same 8 years.

    Add $365.58 for each dependent child under age 18

    If the surviving spouse is entitled to aid and attendance (A&A), add $387.15

    If the surviving spouse is entitled to housebound, add $181.37

    Add $387.15 if the surviving spouse has one or more children under the age 18

  • 5 Jan 2023 12:21 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    Amendment E approved Press Release.pdf

    GREAT NEWS!  Coloradoans overwhelmingly supported Amendment E, extending an existing primary residency property tax exemption available to qualifying seniors and disabled veterans to the surviving spouses of military service members who died in the line of duty and the surviving spouses of veterans who died as a result of service-related injury or disease.  

    Gold Star Wives Denver and Cheyenne Mountain Chapters have worked together on this legislation for years, and together we are celebrating its passage on the Nov 2022 statewide ballot!

    Going into the election, veterans in Colorado who were rated as 100% permanently disabled qualified for a property tax exemption that exempted 50% of the first $200,000 of a property's actual value from property taxes, and that exemption could pass to their surviving spouse IF the veteran had PREVIOUSLY qualified.  There was no property tax exemption in Colorado for line of duty surviving spouses. 

    Passage of amendment E has resolved these disparities.  Now, qualification for the property tax exemption will be surviving spouses who receive dependency indemnity compensation from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 

    ESTIMATED AVERAGE TAX SAVINGS:  $630/year.  (Will vary among homeowners depending on the statewide residential assessment rate, the local property tax rate, and the home’s value after the exemption is applied.)  

    TO OBTAIN THE EXEMPTION:  Details are forthcoming, but it is expected the surviving spouse will need to:

    * Submit application form to the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

    * Include a copy of your DIC award letter

    * Provide the address of your primary residence, which you legally own and occupy

    There is NO 10-year residency requirement! There is NO penalty if you move or downsize! There is NO requirement that your veteran previously qualified!

    This is welcome news to surviving spouses who lost their exemption because they needed to move or downsize. They will now be able to qualify based on their new primary residence and submission of their DIC award letter.  And finally- Surviving spouses whose hero died in the line of duty are now rightfully honored!

    In these divided times, it was heartwarming that 88% of Colorado voters showed their support and agreed this was the right thing to do!

    Margaret Sebern
    On behalf of Patti Sampers and GSWs of America, Denver Chapter 

    Chris Kinnard
    Past Cheyenne Mountain Chapter President

    Amendment E approved Press Release.pdf

  • 5 Dec 2022 12:48 PM | Savannah Lawrence

    Austin Johnson, Director of Conquer Athletics Sports Ministry in Naples, Florida, held a fundraiser on Memorial Day to benefit Gold Star Wives. We are so grateful for this sponsorship! To learn more about their programs, visit

  • 9 Nov 2022 11:57 AM | GSW National Office (Administrator)

    Please copy and paste the article link into your browser:

  • 9 Nov 2022 11:37 AM | GSW National Office (Administrator)

    Please click here to watch Gold Star Wife Margaret Sebern's Denver 7 interview regarding Amendment E. 


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